Hi, and thank you for checking out US 1 TATTOO! We provide professional and sterile tattooing and piercing procedures. We have over 25 years of experience in the tattoo and piercing industry. We are home to Howard County's tattoo Pioneer, Bill Peoples. He wrote the laws for Howard County and owned and operated the 1st tattoo studio in Howard County We use quality equipment and products for the best experience during your procedures. We accept clients that are ages 16+. We are located on Route 1 in Elkridge, across from Elkridge Corners shopping center at Montgomery Rd., next to the HESS station. 

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Keeping Tradition Alive!

Bill builds all of his needles

used on his clients to ensure

quality and keep the tattoo

tradition alive.

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Megan Peoples

Bill Peoples

"Great shop, great people... Bill is one awesome artist, great at what he does, and Meg is just the best piercer around... I will def recommend these guys to everyone and WILL be back for more... Best of luck to you guys and see you again soon"

"Got my third lobe piercing done yesterday by the wonderful owner Megan Shell. I went with my friend (who was getting a tattoo) and they didn't rush us, letting us take our time and be in the room with each other. Megan was really great at explaining all the aftercare and making sure the dots were where I wanted them on my ears. $40 for single piercings and $70 for double (like my ears) which is a little pricey, but you get what you pay for! They also sell bags of sea salt measured out ($1) for when you switch to salt water solution, which makes that super easy. Will definitely go back for my next piercing!"

"Bill is a great tattoo artist and Megan is super.  Bill has done several tattoos including a blue koi and a full Buddhist inspired sleeve.  I got the work done by Bill several years ago - still get compliments on it everyday.  Take care of the work he does - well worth it and it is a great experience."

"Been having the pleasures of working with a  excellent artist over at US 1 Tattoo . Wild bill brings creativity ,great detailed and modern concepts with bright and vibrant colors. The shop is clean and very organized and they do a great job working with my busy schedule . The prices there are very affordable up front and get better as you become a repeat client . Love the work you guys are doing ! Thanks Will Bill and Megan , See you guys soon ."

"Really really really really cool shop.  This gal and fella are true professionals and masters of what they do.  The shop has an awesome atmosphere, well decorated, open but private at the same time and very clean.  I've been to quite a few shops in my day and this one def sets the bar.  Truly awesome experience through and through.  THANKS WILD BILL AND MEG!!!!  You guys ROCK!"

"I have almost 400 hours of magazine published award winning work from the tattooist here and cant recommend him enough. The studio is clean, professional, and friendly with decades of experience in the industry. A tattoo lasts a lifetime, choose us 1 tattoo and you'll love your ink just as long."

"Come in with an idea and bill can get creative! Megan is one of the best piercers in the area"

"Pleasant, professional, thorough people and great work. Will go here for any future piercings or possible Tattoos. My experience here was wonderful and my piercer was friendly. When I was getting my nose pierced I got way to nervous so I needed to take a break. She didn't get upset with me (like other experiences with friends at other places), she just waited for me to calm down and reassured me it would all be ok. I recommend this tattoo/peircing place 100% to everyone. As well as my friends looking for a place, I will always point them here."

"Bill peoples is a great artist, just got my first tat and I'm thrilled! Will be a repeat customer for sure! Great shop, I recommend this place to everyone! You won't be let down!"

"Bill and Megan are absolutely wonderful. Outstanding work, awesome prices and made me feel totally at ease. Love my new tat and will definitely come back asap :)!!"

"Bill and Megan were awesome! Their shop is clean, professional and comfortable and I am totally excited about my cover...GREAT JOB! Can't wait to get back to see them again soon!!"

"Love this place! The service is great. I went for a piercing. Megan is very thorough and detailed about the healing process. I was treated very well by her and Bill. I will be going back for a tattoo cover up!"

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